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Oily Skin Does Not Age: Is This True?

It’s a popular saying: oily skin does not age. Well, you are lucky to have oily skin, as it is less prone to getting wrinkles and fine lines. It ages, but slowly. The natural oils of skin keep it lubricated for longer. Yet, it is prone to being damaged by the sun and getting discolored, hyper-pigmented, and dull. So, you would want to know about the Luminique risk free trial jar, which is regarded as the epitome of skin youth maintenance.


Don’t do this on oily skin

  • Don’t wash it too often. Your skin will get dry. Excess washing triggers the sebaceous or oil glands of skin to produce more sebum or oil … and then you would wash it more. This can harm the skin. Once your skin gets dehydrated, it becomes more prone to wrinkles.
  • Don’t use heavy moisturizers and creams. Oily skin is blessed with its natural oils to keep it moisturized. Avoid heavy formulas that can block pores and cause breakouts.
  • Don’t let your skin stay without moisturization. After a certain age, say around 35, oily skin, too, needs moisturization as its oil production may decrease. Invest in an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer.
  • Don’t expose the skin directly to the sun for long. You are blessed with oily skin does not mean you stay in the sun for hours. Your skin is still prone to sun damage.
  • Don’t touch your face often. Germs get transferred from hands to the face. Always apply makeup with clean hands; better still, use a makeup sponge. Choose makeup items designed especially for oily skin.


An important step

Exfoliation is important for oily skin. After a certain age, your skin’s ability to shed dead cells and replace them with new ones decreases. As a result, dead cells get accumulated on the surface. This makes the skin dull.


Exfoliate twice a week to maintain skin smoothness and glow, suggest experts. Get a gentle scrub. Oatmeal is a great natural scrub. Sugar crystals are also a fine alternative.


Invest in a good cleanser and toner

Dermatologists suggest using an appropriate cleanser for maintaining skin cleanliness instead of face washes. The latter may contain harsh sulfates. According to Luminique reviews, the brand offers a set of products that promises excellent anti aging skin care rituals. You can get a gentle cleanser, a fine toner, and an age defying complex, which acts as moisturizer, sunscreen, and an anti aging cream.


Oily skin needs toning, advise dermatologists. Such skin features large pores. They are more prone to clogging with dirt, debris, and excess oil. Makeup particles may sink into pores too.


A good cleanser removes impurities from the pore level, while a good toner helps to tighten pores and give you a smoother, polished look. Anti aging cleansers and toners contain hydrating elements. This makes them different from regular products, which are known for their dehydrating effects on the skin.


Poisons for skin

  • Smoke: Stop smoking for the sake of your skin beauty, if not for your lungs! Cigarette smoke contains elements that accelerate aging by forming free radicals. You would notice the difference in skin appearance after quitting cigarettes.
  • Sugar: Cut down on the intake of white sugar. It encourages glycation. Prolonged intake of sugar for decades can make skin age faster and make it dull due to glycation, reveal studies.


In a nutshell

Keep your skin well moisturized. You can try the Luminique risk free trial jar of its age defying complex. Simply superb, say reviews. Keep your skin pores clean and happy. Say a polite ‘no’ to smoke and sugar.


Watch your oily skin glow with youthfulness and charm for as long as you want. Oily skin, no doubt, is a blessing. With proper care, it won’t age… ever.

Source: http://luminique.com